Article submission procedure

By submitting the article for publication, its author(s) testify to their agreement with the journal policy, order and conditions of publication. The author(s) confirm the text originality and that the manuscript is not under consideration by another publication. The author(s) comply with authorship criteria and give their consent for publishing the article in the journal. The author(s) accept responsibility for the absence in their article of inaccurate data and incorrect borrowings, as well as the lack of conflict of interests.

Submitting Your Article
One of the authors presents the article and accept the responsibility for the submission and reviewing process. The editorial board does not accept manuscripts submitted by third parties on behalf of the author(s). Those articles that have been previously published in other journals, are not accepted by the editorial board.

The submitted manuscripts must contain novel data that has never been published before. The content of the article must conform with the journal’s subject. Apart from that, the justified originality, novelty and importance of the material are the essential condition for publication.

The manuscript should indicate a real or potential conflict of interest. If there is no conflict of interests, then you should write that “The author declares that there is no conflict of interests”.

The editorial board accepts the manuscript for review after receiving all necessary documents, sent to

The printed version of the manuscript, the Author Information Sheet and the original copies of Publishing Agreement must be sent via ordinary mail at 40 Krasnaya, Penza, 440026, Penza State University (Editorial office of research journals).

Conditions of Publication
The publisher is bears all expenses for journal production and publication. Publication of papers is free of charge for the authors. Peer review is not paid.

The List of Documents for Submission:
• Manuscript in electronic form, formatted according to the accepted structure. (Download form)
• Author Information Sheet for each co-author. (Download form)
• Publishing Agreement, filled by each author, scanned and saved in pdf format. (Download form)
• Media files used in the article, strictly following journal requirements.

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